Thursday, June 16, 2016

Response from the college

This a response to my request that the College of policing investigate the work they are doing for Saudi Arabia as collusion with torture (that can be found here):

Dear Mr Franklin

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns in the complaint you made on 8 June about our work with Saudi Arabia. This challenge is welcome and we must always carefully consider who we engage with and why. We constantly evaluate and review the training we deliver and we work with countries all over the world to introduce officers to British policing methods, reinforce human rights and emphasise the democratic principle of justice for all.

Quite rightly, our decisions on whether to carry out this training must be finely balanced between the opportunities to contribute to reform and the difficulties of working with countries whose standards of human rights may be at odds with our own.

As part of this, when we receive a request to undertake training overseas we carry out a full risk and justice assessment and complete a detailed outline of the proposed work, including specific consideration of human rights issues.

We have never provided training without the authority and approval of the International Policing Assistance Brief (IPAB), who bring together government departments including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Home Office, Ministry of Defence and the Department for International Development to carefully consider requests for international policing assistance in line with Government policy, including the promotion of human rights. All submissions to IPAB must detail
Human Rights considerations. In sensitive cases, and particularly where there may be human rights concerns, proposals are submitted to Ministers.

Modern forensic investigation techniques can contribute to a move away from confession and witness-based convictions, thereby reducing the likelihood of miscarriages of justice. Any evidence that the skills provided have been used to violate human rights would be investigated immediately.

A full Q&A on our international work can be found here

Yours sincerely
Vaughan Willmore
Strategic Planning and Public Interest Lead
College Of Policing

I have submitted a freedom of information request for the risk assessment and submission to IPAB.

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