Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Julian Sturdy - tell government not to sell arms to Saudi Arabia

Dear Julian Sturdy,

I am deeply concerned about the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, and the UK's complicity through its continuing arms sales.

I am writing to urge you to speak out against UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia and, if you can, please also sign EDM 136 on the UK’s relationship with Saudi Arabia.

The UK government has continued to support the Saudi-led air-strikes in Yemen despite overwhelming evidence of repeated breaches of international humanitarian law.

This is in clear violation of UK's own guidelines on arms sales, and European and international law, and makes a mockery of the government’s claims to 'rigorously' control arms exports.

I am pleased that Parliament’s Committees on Arms Export Controls have launched an inquiry into UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and that the High Court is being asked to examine their legality.

Please speak out on my behalf by urging the government to stop arming Saudi Arabia and, if you can, signing EDM 136.

Yours sincerelt

Tom Franklin

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