Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Ask the government to continue to support the "Dubs Amendment" - Open letter to Julian Sturdy MP

Dear Mr Sturdy,

I am afraid that I find myself writing to you only too frequently at the moment because of the appalling actions being undertaken by the government.  Here we have one of the vilest and most hypocritical actions that we have seen it take which will make hardly any difference to the number of people coming to the country, but will have a vast effect on a small number of vulnerable youngsters.

The government has announced that it after the current people being accepted under the “Dubs Amendment” no more will be accepted.  I, like many many other people find this shocking and hypocritical.  When the government eventually accepted the amendment they said that they would obey both the spirit and the letter of the law.  It is clear that they never had any intention of doing so as they have been laggardly and niggardly in their implementation.  From the debates at the time it was clear that the number that would be accepted would be in the thousands, but only about 350 children will have come. 

To suggest that the country struggles so much that we can barely accept on vulnerable young refugee in every two constituencies is simply ludicrous.  From discussions in York I know that York would be willing to accept more than one.

We have duties to refugees under international law. We have moral duties and as the fifth largest economy in the world we can clearly afford to take more.

Please will you write to the Home Secretary and the Immigration Minister demanding that as a simple matter of humanity they urgently review and rescind this decision and ensure that all eligible children are accepted.

Best wishes

Tom Franklin
4 Frazer Court
YO30 5FH

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