Saturday, April 02, 2016

Open letter to Julian Sturdy MP re forcing all schools to become academies.

Dear Julian,

As I am sure you are aware the government announced during the budget that it intends to force all schools to become academies by 2022, whether or not the school or the parents desire this.  There are very good reasons for considering this a very bad idea including:
  • It is undemocratic.  In many areas parents and schools have campaigned not to become academies because it is not what they want, and this would undermine democratic activity
  • It is a huge distraction for the schools involved which will have to invest significant amounts of time and money in converting which would be much better spent on children’s education.
  • There is no evidence that academies lead to better education (some are better, and many are not).
  • It removes any local democratic control over education.
  • There will be huge problems for some children in getting into any school as academies set their own admissions policies.  The result will be that many children in the greatest need will be unable to access education.  Who then will take responsibility for these children.

In view of these and many other reasons I hope that you will publicly state your opposition to the policy and vote against it should it come before parliament.

Best wishes


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