Monday, February 15, 2016

Open Letter to Julian Sturdy MP for York Outer re Jeremy Hunt

Dear Julian,

I hope you will support me in a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Hunt.  I cannot think of another time when a strike has been supported by over 90% of members of a union like the junior doctors strike has been.  Nor can I remember a strike which has had such a high level of support.  It is quite clear that what Hunt is trying to do is dangerous and demoralising for doctors.

Dangerous because they will be asked to work hours which are unsafe for us as patients and demoralising because he is abusing doctors that work for the NHS which he is responsible for.

It is clear that there is no support for what he is doing.  Most health trusts have come out against imposing the contract.  Most medical unions including nurses and consultants are supporting the doctors.  Most patients groups are supporting the doctors.

Hunt has lied to us again and again, through misusing statistics on admissions and deaths and trough claiming all hospital trusts support his imposing the contract (amongst others).

It is clear that we need someone that we can trust to manage the NHS in our interests.

Please support the motion of no confidence in Jeremy Hunt.

Yours sincerely

Tom Franklin
4 Frazer Court
YO30 5FH

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